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Biomass Burner
Biomass burner to biomass wood particles as fuel, biomass particles into the combustion chamber through an automatic feeding device for direct combustion, and the heat after combustion can be directly supplied to the boiler, spraying, die casting, clothing, hotels, heat treatment and other heating equipment. semi-gasification composite combustion technology, with reasonable structure, automatic feeding, high thermal efficiency, complete combustion, low sulfur, no pollution, low emissions, simple and convenient installation, small footprint and other characteristics, lower operating costs than fuel ( gas) burner can save 30% -60% in operating costs.
First, the advantages of biomass burner :
1, High efficiency and energy saving: renewable biomass pellet fuel such as energy, low cost, fuel (gas) to reduce production costs by 30% -60%.
2, High thermal efficiency: semi-gasification suspension combustion plus tangent type air distribution turbulence design, low temperature segmented combustion, burnup rate more than 98%, furnace temperature reached more than 1200 ℃.
3, stable and reliable: positive pressure micro-operation, silo material insulation transfer mode, tempering and de-fire phenomenon do not occur, have applied for national invention patents.
4, low-carbon environmental protection: emissions of soot, sulfur and nitrogen are low, carbon dioxide emissions are close to zero, in line with the GB12371 soot emission requirements.
5, simple operation: easy installation, automatic feeding, simple operation, small workload, large silo capacity (can be customized large capacity silo). Feeding can last 3-12 hours at a time, just fill the silo in a timely manner, one-time charge can be ...
Second, the parameters of the biomass particle combustion machine :
biomass burner
Third, the application range of the biomass burner :
Biomass burner is widely used in spray drying line: casting heat treatment, annealing furnace, aluminum rod heating furnace, clothing, hotels, melting boiler, industrial furnace, greenhouse, steam boiler, hot water boiler, thermal oil boiler, hot air furnace; drying equipment: paint, wood, sand, leather, clothing, ceramics, paper products, food drying equipment and other heating equipment use and energy-saving transformation.

wood biomass burner