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Principle characteristics of regenerative industrial burner burner

2021-08-20 16:42

Regenerative industrial burner, what is an industrial burner, the burner can also be called a burner, but it is different from the integrated burner used on a small boiler, because it is a burner, so the concept of the two is easy to Confused in production practice. The latter is an all-in-one machine, generally called a burner; the burner is a split machine.
Regenerative burner burner principle
A regenerative burner burner system includes at least two burners, two heat accumulators, a heat energy recovery system and corresponding control devices. The burner and the heat accumulator can be directly connected together according to the actual situation of the site or connected together by pipes poured with refractory materials.
When one burner uses the hot air in the heat accumulator to burn, the other burner functions as a smoke outlet, and the hot air in the furnace is extracted by the smoke fan through the burner to the heat accumulator for heat storage. When the heat is accumulated, the butterfly valve will act to switch the functions of the two burners.
Whenever one burner is burning, the other is helping the accumulator to store heat. In the heat exchange, the temperature of the exhaust gas in the pipeline is usually 150-200 degrees Celsius, so whether it is a butterfly valve or a smoke fan, it can work safely and reliably for a long time.
The correct installation and selection of regenerative burners can successfully save energy by 70% and increase combustion efficiency by 90%.

Regenerative industrial burner Features:

1. Efficiently recover waste heat at high temperature, and the exhaust gas temperature is less than 200℃; the waste heat recovery efficiency of more than 80% can be obtained, the fuel consumption is low, and the energy saving effect is significant.

2. Good furnace temperature uniformity. Using high-temperature combustion technology and alternate combustion methods to change the temperature distribution in the furnace, a uniform furnace temperature can be obtained with a temperature difference of less than 5°C.

3. The waste heat recovery system has a compact structure and realizes the compact integration of the heat storage body and the burner.

4. Increasing the furnace temperature greatly improves the production capacity.

 5. The environmental protection effect is obvious. Due to the realization of high temperature and low oxygen combustion, the concentration of nitrogen and oxygen compounds in the flue gas is greatly reduced.

 6. High degree of automation. Automatic reversing operation, the reversing time is adjustable from 0 to 5 minutes.

 7. The equipment has a long service life. It is 2-3 times of the metal preheater, easy to install on the furnace, and low investment

  • BNG400FC/600FC Gas Burner

  • BNG50/60P Gas Burner

  • BNH10G Heavy Oil Burner

  • BNL18/26/35 DSG Light Oil Burner

  • BNG28P gas burners

  • BNL120/180/250 P/FC Light Oil Burner

  • BNG250/300/350P/FC Gas Burner

  • BNG35P/FC gas burner

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