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Advantages of using diesel burners in drying rooms

2021-07-28 11:23

diesel burner
Diesel burner drying room adopts diesel instant burner. The basic principle is to obtain high-temperature steam and then mix with strong cold air based on sufficient ignition of gas or diesel engine to achieve the required warm air application. However, the material is ignited according to the burner; the strong cold air outside the furnace enters the furnace wall under the effect of negative pressure, and is fully mixed with the high-temperature steam, and is drawn out of the furnace wall into the drying room or drying equipment. When the preset value is reached, the large flame will stop working, and the small flame will burn around to maintain the temperature. When the temperature of the warm air is reduced to the lower limit temperature of the rated value, the large flame of the burner will burn again, and the rate of temperature increase can be adjusted to complete the air supply gate valve.

The advantages of the pyrogen of the diesel burner combustion engine drying room:

1. It can continuously show warm air with controlled temperature and constant current source;

2. End of adjustable range of warm air temperature: 40-1000℃;

3. Immediately heating, automatic control operation without industrial waste gas;

4. Effective design scheme, compact structure, thermal efficiency of 95%, energy saving and electricity saving, and obvious economic benefits;

5. Select the original components for burners and engine combustion chambers to increase the service life.

  • BNH 75/100/120 F Heavy Oil Burner

  • BNG50/60P Gas Burner

  • BNH40/60 G Heavy Oil Burner

  • BNH20/30G Heavy Oil Burner

  • BNL120/180/250 P/FC Light Oil Burner

  • BNL14/DSG Light Oil Burner

  • BNL18/26/35 DSG Light Oil Burner

  • BNG15/P gas burner

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