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Hoffman Brick kiln burner
Hoffman Brick kiln burner
Hoffman brick kiln pulverized coal burner is a common burner used for kiln heating in brick factories,A Hoffmann kiln consists of a main fire passage surrounded on each side by several small rooms. Each room contains a pallet of bricks. In the main fire passage there is a fire wagon, that holds a fire that burns continuously. Each room is fired for a specific time, until the bricks are vitrified properly, and thereafter the fire wagon is rolled to the next room to be fired.Each room is connected to the next room by a passageway carrying hot gases from the fire. In this way, the hottest gases are directed into the room that is currently being fired. Then the gases pass into the adjacent room that is scheduled to be fired next. There the gases preheat the brick. As the gases pass through the kiln circuit, they gradually cool as they transfer heat to the brick as it is preheated and dried. This is essentially a counter-current heat exchanger, which makes for a very efficient use of heat and fuel.

Brictec Coal burner

Coal power requirements:

The maximum particle size of coal powder ≤ 5mm

Moisture content


Sulfur content 

≤ 4%

Firing pass(%)


Suitable for the products

Suitable for good quality solid bricks & hollow bricks or any kinds of Facing Bricks (high hollow ratio)

HGI (Hastelloy Grindability Index)

> 50

Pulverized coal calorific value

≥ 6000 kcal

Automatic Level

High automation level, equipped with fully automatic loading & unloading system

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