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low temperature burner
low temp burners
Low-temperature burners are mostly used in textile, paper, and automobile manufacturing industries. Textile burners are also called stenter setting machine burners, etc. They have different names!The direct-fired heating device is a high-efficiency product customized for the printing and dyeing industry. It fully considers the process requirements and usage habits of the printing and dyeing industry. Compared with the traditional heat transfer oil heating method, whether it is in energy efficiency, environmental protection, production Efficiency, operating costs and other aspects have all achieved a comprehensive surpass.

Textile Low temperature burners modle:
low temp burner modle
Stenter Burner
Sort name
1 Combustion Combustion Fan
2 Wind pressure switch
3 Burner nozzle
4 Proportional butterfly valve
5 Gas ball valve
6 Photoelectric switch
7 Proportional motor
8 Control box
9 Pressure gauge
10 Fan filter
11 Gas pressure switch
12 Gas main safety valve
13 Ignition transformer
14 Mother Fire Solenoid Valve
15 Fire solenoid valve
16 Spherical needle valve
17 Ignition rod
18 Burning firebox

Low temperature burner application:
Low temperature burner application