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Diesel Burner
The burning system is an important part of the furnace, and the diesel burner is also the main equipment in all burning systems. Its characteristics immediately hurt how much energy is consumed. A high-quality burner should be able to provide the heating expertise and certain temperature control necessary for the production process; maintain a low and stable air index; high combustion efficiency and ample and complete combustion; the appearance of the flame It can be changed according to the requirements; the operation process is simple and the safety factor is convenient and quick.

Properly controlling the configuration of fuel and gas during the entire operation of the galvanizing furnace is an important part of rationally organizing the entire combustion process. Under the specifications to ensure complete fuel combustion, the amount of combustion gas exceeds the basic knowledge required for combustion to the least. That is, the smaller the value of the air index that everyone talks about exceeds 1, the higher the combustion temperature, and the higher the heating rate. The faster and faster the fuel consumption, of course, the lower the fuel consumption. In the whole process of combustion, insufficient combustion gas will lead to incomplete combustion. Excess combustion gas dust will increase, and the heating value it sends will also increase. Generally speaking, if the gas excess is 10%, 3% fuel will occur. Expensive, but. Excess fuel will cost a lot. If the flammable components in the dust account for 1%, it generally consumes 5% of the fuel. If the air index is very high and the excess index value is guaranteed to be 1.4, it will definitely lead to too much dust, and a lot of dust will take the waste heat to recycle, reducing the high combustion efficiency. Therefore, in the case of complete combustion, try to reduce the excess gas. Therefore, it is important to adopt a fully automatic automatic control system

Part is to control air fuel

Compared with the burners of the automatic automatic control system designed by everyone, the requirements for this part of the parts are generally very high.

Heat exchangers are a wide range of environmentally friendly and energy-saving mechanical equipment in heat treatment equipment in the machining industry. This type of mechanical equipment has a certain level of damage to the air index. Everyone knows

When the combustion gas temperature

Liter, its capacity expands. If the pressure in the combustion gas pipeline remains the same, this means that the amount of combustion gas in the pipeline will decrease. If the amount of gas supplied does not decrease at this time, then combustion gas will be generated. A situation where the fuel cannot be completely burned due to relatively insufficient fuel. If the plan is not properly designed, Diesel Burner not only will it not be environmentally friendly and energy-saving, but it will have the opposite expected effect.

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